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Please reach out and let us know how we can help you. You can complete an inquiry form, contact one of the business groups directly, or use the mapping tool to contact a terminal facility directly. Additionally, below the map is a tool that identifies where the company supplies Natural Gas. 

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Corporate Headquarters

185 International Drive, Portsmouth, NH 03801
1-800-225-1560  |

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    Our Natural Gas Service Areas

    Sprague has relationships with utilities in 12 states and Washington, D.C.. 

    If you see your state in the list below, click on it to see a list of utilities that we work with in your area.


    • Connecticut

    • Maine

    • Massachusetts

    • New Hampshire

    • New Jersey

    • New York

    • Ohio

    • Pennsylvania

    • Rhode Island

    • West Virginia

    • Maryland

    • Washington, D.C

    Sprague has a number of relationships with utilities in your state where we are a certified natural gas provider. If you see your utility in the list at the left (click on the state to view the utilities), we would welcome the chance to speak with you about savings opportunities.

    Please enter your information here, or contact us at or 855.GO.NATGAS.