Sprague is a leading supplier of wholesale gasoline with a network of supply terminals throughout the Northeast.

Sprague provides:

  • Quality gasoline products to meet all State and Federal Standards
  • Rack sales on Sprague’s exclusive Real-Time® pricing platform for wholesalers
  • Prompt tank wagon delivery for commercial and retail customers

E85 Ethanol-Gasoline Blend

Sprague is committed to leading the industry in Clean Fuels development and marketing. Sprague’s E85 Ethanol-Gasoline Blend is an environmentally friendly, cost effective and efficient biofuel alternative.

  • Clean-burning E85 is comprised of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline
  • 100% compatible with Flex Fuel vehicles and may be used interchangeably with gasoline
  • High octane rating improves engine power and performance
  • E85 is cleaner burning, decreasing emissions and smog-forming pollution
  • E85 supports EPA Renewable Fuel standards  that promote energy independence

Sprague E85 Offerings:
E85 and E100 at select terminals
Customized blends available